Hammertoes are a common foot ailment that can cause extreme discomfort and difficulty in movement.

Hammertoe occurs when the tendons and ligaments of the toe become rigid and force the toe into an abnormal, claw-like position. Hammertoe often affects only one toe, but in some cases, it can affect multiple toes. Hammertoe not only causes aesthetic issues, but also physical as well. It is important for those with hammertoe to seek medical attention and make lifestyle changes in order to help relieve the pressure on their feet and reduce further damage.

Hammertoe can be treated with custom orthotics, splints, or other devices that provide support to the affected area, conservative methods such as stretching or taping of the toes, and in severe cases, by surgery. Hammertoe is a condition that should not be overlooked or ignored since treating it in its early stages is key to preventing any future complications or issues.